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Device Care & Warranty Information

Our Warranty

Our warranty for custom made orthoses & prostheses against breakage is 6 months and for satisfactory fit is 3 months. Over the counter devices will be subject to the manufacturer’s warranty.

During the warranty period, we will provide services related to repairs/replacement of the authorized device and/or components, free of charge. After the warranty has expired, a technical rate plus material costs might be applicable. ADP does not contribute to the cost of repairs, and the client will be solely responsible for these charges.

Custom Foot Orthotics Wearing Schedule

In general, unless your orthotist/prosthetist has provided you with special instructions, we recommend the following wearing schedule for new foot orthotics –

Day 1: Wear the inserts for one hour. Remove your shoes and socks to inspect your feet carefully, especially on the bottom. Use a mirror if needed, or ask someone to assist you to check ALL parts of your feet. If you see any redness, pay strict attention to how long it takes to go away. If redness lasts longer than 15 minutes, call us as soon as possible and discontinue the use of the inserts for the time being.

Day 2: Wear the inserts for one hour in the morning, and again for one hour in the afternoon. Inspect your feet in the same manner as described above after both periods of wear.

Day 3: Wear the inserts for two hours in the morning and again for two hours in the afternoon, and again, inspect your feet carefully.

The following days: Increase your wearing time each day, as tolerated. Inspect your feet daily.

Taking Care of Prosthetic Liners & Sleeves

Interestingly, skin is our body’s largest organ, and it is responsible for protecting and preventing infection, temperature regulation, and sensation. Therefore, it is essential that you take good care of your skin to keep it as healthy as possible.

Please click here for detailed information on how to take care of your skin, socks, and liners.

It is important to follow the manufacturer’s information carefully when cleaning your prosthetic components and overall proper device care. If you have any questions or concerns, or notice anything regarding the skin on your amputated limb, do not hesitate to contact your prosthetist.

Bioness Device Care Info