V2innovations provides a full range of Orthotic & Prosthetic services, focused on increased quality of life, to our clients.

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Do not let the potential cost of Orthotic and Prosthetic devices deter you from finding the life-changing mobility assistance you may require. Our administration staff is trained to work with you, and assist you, to explore avenues of potential financial assistance.

Funding options may include:

1. V2innovations is an Ontario Ministry of Health ADP (Assistive Device Program) authorized vendor for Orthotic and Prosthetic Devices. Ontario residents with a valid health card number with a long-term disability may qualify for funding under this program. Typically, devices are covered 75% by the ADP program, with some variance between orthotics and prosthetics.

2. ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program) & ONTARIO WORKS – we can assist you in applying for funding assistance for the devices we offer by reaching out directly to your caseworker, and if approved, billing ODSP or Ontario Works directly.

3. Private Insurance – Every insurance carrier is different and coverage varies based on each individual’s group plan. We require payment at the time we dispense your device, and we will provide you with all the necessary paperwork to ensure a smooth claim process with your provider.

4. The War Amps – We assist new amputees in registering with The War Amps and can submit estimates for assistance and direct bill once approved.

5. Veteran’s Affairs and Service Canada – Both veterans and active service members are covered under Medavie Blue Cross (plans vary). We are a registered provider for both programs. For Veterans we can submit estimates and direct bill once approved. Active Service Members receive pre-approval via the military base, and we direct bill Medavie Blue Cross once the device has been dispensed.

6. WSIB – We are a registered provider for Worker’s Safety and Insurance Board claims. We can submit estimates and direct bill WSIB once we receive approval and have dispensed the approved device.

7. NIHB – Non-Insured Health Benefits may provide coverage for medical supplies and equipment needed by First Nation and Inuit patients. We are registered as a provider and can request pre-authorization, if needed, and bill approved charges directly to NIHB.