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Orthopaedic/Diabetic Offloading Boots

An orthotist is trained to fit a variety of orthopaedic walker and offloading boots, depending on the patient's diagnoses and activity level.

These boots may be prescribed or required for post-surgery healing, fracture healing, or wound offloading.

With regards to wound offloading, orthotists are trained in certain aspects of foot treatment for diabetic/neuropathy patients and are committed to assisting you to the best of our knowledge and ability. Many variables factor into the health and healing of your legs and feet, including diet, hygiene, and control of your blood sugar levels. Following the care instructions as recommended by your physician will help to alleviate more serious consequences, such as ulceration or amputation.

If you need a device from us, it is only one part of the prevention/healing process. We are a part of your treatment team, and with your dedication to maintaining your health, we will assist you in reaching your mobility and active living goals.

The treatment we provide is a direct result of a prescription or referral from your physician, and your physician remains responsible for the treatment of your individual needs. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the wear of your specific device, please contact us.

Offloading Boots

Walker boots are designed to aid in foot and ankle stability and limit the range of motion of the lower extremity. Walker boots are designed with a solid or articulating ankle joint to accommodate for the treatment of injuries, fractures, chronic conditions or disease.

Offloading boots have a removable, customizable inner lining to protect the skin from breakdown, pads for additional stability and comfort can be added, and a rocker bottom sole to provide smooth walking pattern. These boots are often used to off-load diabetic ulcers and assist in healing. Each patient is assessed based on their clinical presentation, and the location of the ulcer, before being custom fitted for offloading boots. Regular follow ups are scheduled to make sure healing is progressing as desired.

A CROW boot (Charcot Restraint Orthotic Walker) is a type of custom made brace that is designed to reduce pressure on the foot and the ankle for people who have a neuropathic ulcer and/or a Charcot Joint – the progressive deterioration of weight-bearing joints.