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The internal computer monitors each phase of your walking pattern (your “gait cycle”) using a series of sensors. The continuous monitoring and control of fluid allow the processor to make adjustments in resistance so you can walk more efficiently at various speeds and walk more safely down ramps and stairs.


With the launch of the Genium leg prosthesis, Ottobock opened up entirely new horizons for prosthesis wearers: an unprecedented, natural gait pattern, taking stairs step-over-step, overcoming obstacles, walking backward, relaxed standing – to name just a few examples. For the first time, people with a transfemoral amputation experienced a range of new functions that provided perfect support for their desire to live a more active and independent everyday life. www.ottobock.ca


For upper extremity prosthesis, the Bebionic Hand is a revolutionary design in upper limb prosthetics.

“Comfortable, intuitive and precise, bebionic continues to transform the lives and abilities of amputees around the world. From helping them perform simple tasks like tying their shoelaces, to giving them back their control and pride. With 14 different grip patterns and hand positions, the bebionic artificial hand is designed to handle almost anything that you need to do in an average day: from eating meals and carrying bags, to opening doors, switching on lights, and typing. Individual motors in each finger allow you to move the hand and grip in a natural, coordinated way. Proportional speed control gives you precision control over delicate tasks.”




Ottobock C-Brace and E-MAG Active


For KAFO (knee-ankle-foot-orthosis) users, Ottobock has the The C-Brace, which opens up entirely new possibilities for users with its microprocessor sensor technology. Flexing under load while sitting down, navigating slopes, walking on uneven terrain, or going down stairs step over step–all this defines a new level of mobility. The C-Brace is smaller and lighter, so the user does not need to exert as much energy while walking. This also allows the user to wear the orthosis underneath their clothing. The microprocessor sensor makes the entire gait pattern more dynamic and responsive.

Ottobock also has the E-MAG Active – another KAFO option with an electronically controlled knee joint system.  As your body changes, your walking abilities fluctuate, too. If your walking pattern or “gait” changes, the E-MAG Active can be recalibrated by your Orthotist to accommodate your needs. And, unlike traditional braces, the E-MAG Active doesn’t require you to lock and unlock it while walking.